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Bole: This is our abstract homage to urban trees. Like you, they provide beauty to the world (despite all the stress in their lives). They celebrate the seasons and embrace change. They seek light, offer shelter, and provide a steady breath of fresh air.

Northwest Bole

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  • All of our cork + wood earrings are interactive. The Northwest Collection interactive experience includes an eclectic, curated Spotify playlist showcasing many of the phenomenal female artists of the Pacific Northwest, including: Brandi Carlile, Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Neko Case, Vaudeville Etiquette, and Alice Stuart.

    You can also listen to a guided meditation designed to help you feel connected, witnessed, and nurtured.

    Additionally, you’ll get to learn about a badass woman of history, find out where the wood came from, enjoy inspirational quotes, and more.  We’ll continue to add to your experience over time, creating opportunities to grow and experience the world in different ways.

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