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Commitment to Sustainability

So much of what we do is inspired by the wood we use. And we use rescued urban wood from local urban sawmills. Urban sawmills keep logs out of landfills and make sure trees at the end of their lives are used for their best and highest use. We buy large live-edge slabs and turn them into earrings, a process we absolutely adore.


Using urban wood is the first step we're taking in our commitment to sustainability. Read on to hear about others.    

What we're doing

We're taking small steps towards sustainability and will continue to identify ways to incorporate sustainable practices into our operations, including:

  • Optimizing the number and kind of products we're able to produce with each sheet of wood.

  • Reducing our use of plastic as much as possible.

  • Purchasing packaging that's either recycled or recyclable.

Photo is of the orchard where our English Walnut was salvaged.

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