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About Us

At the core of O. Sophronia, is our love of beautiful things, history, and woodworking. We admire badass women, especially those who came before us. We love blending tech with the traditional. We love music, believe in committing ourselves to wellness, and we cherish community. We're building all of those things into our products and hope you enjoy every little bit of them, too.


About Our Process




O. Sophronia was inspired by owner Bethany Hannah's great, great Aunt Frone, born in 1905, who (by all accounts) embodied the essence of every independent, free-spirited, joyful woman both then and now. Read more about great, great Aunt Frone--Orange Sophronia--on our homepage.   



We've designed all of our earrings in-house and our goal has been-and always will be-to optimize the gorgeous salvaged wood as much as possible. Our designs are inspired by our sense of place, our favorite things, our favorite people, and by our aim to make something beautiful everyone will love.



Creation - handmade with love

We buy large slabs from local urban saw mills, re-saw those slabs into thin sheets, plane to thickness, laser cut the wood and cork, sand and tumble to remove laser char, seal the wood, place the inlays, hand bend the ear wires, and program the tags - all with loads and loads of love.


Interactive Content

Ever heard a song and thought, "I know a million people who need to hear this."? That's what we felt when we heard Koko Taylor's, I am a Woman for the first time.


Back in the old days, we'd make a mixed tape to give to our friends, but now we get to embed tiny little tags in beautiful earrings to share awesome things like Koko Taylor's amazing growl with our cherished community. Our interactive content showcases female artists, guided meditations, badass women of history, and more. Access the content via your NFC enabled smartphone.

Photo credit: Alligator promotional photo – By Steve Kagan



The Business

O. Sophronia is a small business located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We use maker spaces for our laser cutting and are passionate about creating opportunities to experience new things and grow. We are so excited you found us!

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